Install your own validator

ODF toolkit validator

An instance of this toolkit is available online at A quick guide is to install a webserver of your choice, for instance the Apache Tomcat, and create the WAR by building the Apache Toolkit project: (note that).

1) Get the sources via

   svn co odftoolkit

2) change to the build directory

   cd odftoolkit

3) build the WAR via Maven (you need to install Apache Maven)

   mvn install

4) You will find the odfvalidator.war in

   cd validator\target

5) You may deploy the validator webapplication to your local webserver via frontend, e.g. browse

   http://localhost:8080/manager/html (if Tomcat was used, you may add beyond "WAR file to deploy")

or without GUI, to run from command line the current SVN trunk you call a JAR named similar via “java -jar odfvalidator-1.1.6-incubating-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar”.

Cyclone3 ODF Validator installation

The Cyclone3 ODF Validator is a standalone validator that can be installed locally.


- Perl - Perl Sablotron (libxml-perl, libxml-libxml-perl, libxml-sablot-perl) - Perl Zip (libarchive-zip-perl) - Perl Inline (libinline-perl) - Perl Tempfile (libfile-temp-perl)

Installation on a UNIX/GNU Linux system

You will be installing the validator into /opt/ODFValidator. Create this directory and checkout a copy of the validator from the upstream Subversion repository:

# mkdir /opt/ODFValidator # cd /opt/ODFValidator # svn co .

The validator uses the Perl Inline package. Create the _Inline directory and make sure that the user that the Officeshots background worker runs as (usually www-data) can write to it.

# mkdir _Inline # chown www-data:www-data _Inline

You can validate documents by running:

# /opt/ODFValidator/ odfnaam

Xmllint using RelaxNG ODF schema

In case you work with Flat ODF files (.fodt, .fodp), you can also use xmllint (from the libxml2 package) which supports RelaxNG schemas. Make sure however that your xmllint has the patch to support <optional> blocks.

Then make sure you download the ODF RelaxNG schema from the ODF specification page

  # wget

Then you can simply do:

  # xmllint --noout --relaxng OpenDocument-v1.2-cs01-schema.rng document.fodt
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